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Later that year, a group of 11 Kurdish men were lined up and shot to death, accused of various crimes.

Their executions at a municipal airport in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan, followed a brief trial during which no evidence was presented. It was, however, awarded to an unnamed photographer - the only anonymous recipient in the 90-year history of the award. Razmi preserved 27 of the photos on a contact sheet and stowed it away in his home.

But because of the fear for the Iranian Islamic regime, he didn't proclamate his name even though this picture won a Pulitzer Prize.

For security of his life he has been hold this a secret for 27 years. Irak Yönetimi’nin kürtlere uyguladigi Enfal Operasyonu 3 Yıl sürdü ve bu operasyon kapsamında daha önce eşi benzeri yaşanmamış olan Halepçe Katliamı vahşeti de k ürtlere yaşatıldıi..

Iran Photo Gallery, A categorized photo collection of sceneries, architecture and everyday life in Iran.

The Kurdish teologist and the international sipiritual leader of muslims: Bedî-ul Zeman Saîd-î Kurdî (Birth 1878 in Nurs - Died 13 March 1960 in Ruha) It says his body dumped by Turkish authorities in the Mediterenian Sea because he was a Kurd. S.-backed Shah of Iran was overthrown by Islamic radicals, led by Ayatollah Khomeini.

Later, I smelled an aroma that reminded me of apples and I lost consciousness.

Within minutes, artillery rounds began to explode in Halabja and planes began dropping bombs on the town.

The bombing was concentrated on the northern neighborhoods, so we ran and hid in our basement.

A United Nations (UN) medical investigation concluded that mustard gas was used in the attack, along with unidentified nerve agents.

The Halabja attack has been recognized as a distinct event of the Anfal Genocide conducted against the Kurdish people by the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein.

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