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With their team of young creative developers, they have finally created the app that will save us from missed connections.’ Which, basically means that you actually have a chance of seeing that guy who gave you the eye in organic coffee aisle of Whole Foods again. Use them sparingly, of all the charms our tester received, not one of them was from an attractive match, so it seems to be a bit of a last ditch option.It means you can be sure that the hot architect has seen you (and rejected you – sigh). You don’t want to be Our tester tried to change the age range (the default is 18 – 70) and it wouldn’t let her.Being able to meet people within a 250m radius lends itself to instant hook-ups.Relationships are a bit like a gourmet dish; they take time, commitment and effort.We are all about the quick fixes, the “add water and shake” instant relationships and have forgotten that real connection take real time.If you find yourself in a rush with your relationship or are going through potential new mates like wildfire, it’s time to evaluate whether you are so locked in the instant satisfaction that you’ve forgotten how to finesse and mold a brand new connection.This is not about texting them angrily or sending a novella through email, but face-to-face communication.

The more you are, the more you will know whether this is someone who is deserving of the place they hold in not just your life, but your heart, and will avoid making rash decisions predicated on pent up resentments.To solve this, Fabien Cohen, talented growth-hacker, Didier Rappaport, serial entrepreneur and Antony Cohen, computer engineer, decide to create an app.An app that loves coincidences and boosts luck again!Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are evaluating the pace of a connection.They are designed to help you slow down and foster a relationship that is built on core principals, which offer a sturdy foundation.

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