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With bloodstains on the back, wrists, feet, side and head the image appears to be that of a crucified man.The details - the direction of the flow of blood from the wounds, the placement of the nails through the wrists rather than the palms - displays a knowledge of crucifixion that seems too accurate to have been that of a medieval artist.The most characteristic form of acheiropoietos, however, is the holy cloth. Veronica stepped forward to wipe the sweat from Jesus' brow as he stumbled toward Calvary, and her towel already transformed into a relic through that holy contact miraculously retained the image of Jesus' face.Known as Veronica's Veil, the relic became one of the most famous acheiropoietai of the Middle Ages.* Another such cloth image (also generated by perspiration) was produced on the night of the betrayal, as Jesus prayed intently at Gethsemane.Again, being so simple, there may be other doctors who are not surgeons who can do it.So to find someone, the man needs to think about who he might ask first from his own knowledge and contacts. There are also men's health centres/clinics that specialize in such male-specific matters, and are used to handling enormous numbers of enquiries from men who want to get circumcised. It is easy to find someone to do it in the USA and many other countries.Among the earliest acheiropoietai is the Column of the Flagellation, in Jerusalem.This relic (the column) appears for the first time in fifth-century historical sources, which describe its location in the Church of Holy Sion; but it is only in the sixth century that pilgrims began to see the image of Jesus' hands and chest impressed into its stone surface, left there, presumably, as Jesus was bound in place for the flagellation.

They have become relics through physical contact with the sacred, and they are icons because of the resultant image; but in neither case is there (by definition, at least) any intervention by an artist.

Circumcision is very simple technically, but despite this a circumcision has to be done by someone who knows what they are doing.

In the USA, 54% of doctors involved in the delivery or care of infants perform circumcisions [Stang & Snellman, 1998].

There are also clinics where circumcision is one of the major, if not the exclusive, activity.

Many other doctors, including general practitioners will do circumcisions. However, level of expertise and practice (frequency of carrying out the procedure) should be an important consideration by parents in seeking someone good.

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