Hookup with grandma

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Don't you get lonely." She tittered nervously and waved her hand at me. "I bet there's tons of guys out there who'd like to hang out with you." Granny blushed and guffawed. I found her phone, powered it on, and downloaded "Hook Up," my favorite dating app. Not so good-looking women who looked too desperate. Now it was older women who looked too desperate or like they'd just gotten back from their AA meeting. There was something intriguing about her: an older women with such a sexy style.

On the shelf." She gestured toward the bookshelf on the opposite wall. She was definitely older, although her profile only indicated that she was 50 plus.

"Show me what you look like hard, loverboy." Jesus. I ordered some kind of coffee when I got to the window but I never touched it as I sped home. The overhead light flicked on and I pushed my hands into my pockets. Grandma stood on the other side of the screen wrapped in a bathrobe.

"Charlie," she said finally, during a commercial break. Then, one night in late October, after midterms, I watched a movie with my dad and headed upstairs. I was so antsy at dinner that night that my parents asked me twice if school was going okay. Swearing, I pulled my Econ book out of my backpack and settled in for a late night of price indicators and market signals. "Damn," I said to myself as my fingers slid around my already stiff cock. A woman who knew how to dress for a man and who was unabashed about her desire. I hesitated, visualized Silver Sexy's big ass, and hit the send button. There was nothing more from Silver Sexy that night but in the morning I had another message and a photo of her bare legs in high heels. It would be a dream to see his manhood in its full glory, but we smell a heaping pile of bullshiz! You decide for yourself if these pics belong to The Hutch.I'd broken up with Jill about a month before and now I was getting a lot of heat from my parents. Saturday afternoon and when my dad appeared in my room for the third time to explain to me what a great, handsome, charming guy I was, I'd finally had enough. Grandma was in fact a pretty fine-looking woman, I thought to myself. Since I knew her email, I signed her up and started a profile, diplomatically fudging her age by a few years. One more time, I thought as I tweaked my search filter again.

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