Harry potter and ginny weasley dating

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Weasley that Crookshanks was responsible for the Dungbombs outside the kitchen in Grimmauld Place; imitating Umbridge; the Garroting Gas scam).

Rowling on the relationship between Ginny and Harry: ...

Additional notes: Seventh child and only daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley (PS6, CS3).

Ginny is the first Weasley girl in several generations (JKR). Even Fred and George are impressed by her power, particularly her Bat-Bogey Hex (OP6); her poetry (as shown by her valentine to Harry) is pretty awful.

Michael Corner, in her 4th year, but then she ditches him at the end of it because he was a sore loser at Quidditch.

Then she dates Dean Thomas for most of her 5th year, she eventually ends it with him and proceeds to date Harry Potter himself, to whom she ends up marrying and having 3 children.

Ginny is all at once savvy, snarky, and very self-confident.

During her sixth year at Hogwarts, Ginny, Luna and Neville tried to steal the Sword of Gryffindor from Headmaster Snape’s office; for punishment they were told to help Hagrid with something in the Forbidden Forest (DH15).

During her Easter holidays, Death Eaters discovered that Ron was not sick in bed with spattergroit and the whole family moved to Aunt Muriel’s house where it was safer (DH24, 29).

Ginny didn’t return to school until it was attacked by Voldemort in May.

As Ginny was underage, she was supposed to stay in the Room of Requirement during the Battle of Hogwarts.

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