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This bill would allow an employee to bring a claim against an employer decades after the alleged initial act of discrimination occurred.

Trial lawyers, you can be sure, are salivating at this very prospect.

By applying the rule to pension annuities as well, a cause of action could arise decades after the individual ceased to work for the employer….

Subjecting employers to such claims would literally lead to an explosion of litigation second guessing legitimate employment and personnel decisions.

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This comes at a particularly bad time when consumers and our economy have already had enough stress to deal with.

It's not wise policy to create a consumer credit crunch at the same time that our economy is experiencing a commercial credit crunch.

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Prompt filing of claims allows employers to identify and, when necessary, to discipline those managers who may be violating the law.

Passing legislation like this will discourage lending.

The new law would pretty clearly restart the time clock for filing the claim when an employee receives a retirement benefit, a pension benefit, even an (employee stock ownership plan payment).

In doing so, the Ledbetter Act exposes employers to endless liability…[it is an] unprecedented expansion [of employment law].

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