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As someone interested in digital certificates you will love EV SSL Certificates without the hessle, right?

Easy, automated EV SSL Certificates for only € 99 ($ 121 or £ 87).

[c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER (common Name) .

[c:0|t:19|false] Printable String ' COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server CA 2' .

[c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER 1.2.840.10045.4.3.2 (ecdsa With SHA256) .

[c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER (country Name) .

[c:0|t:2|false] INTEGER 197651140415609560198526722309905399051 . With 27 subject alternative names this certificate can be used to secure multiple fqdn's. This certificate has already expired and will cause a warning or error message in the browser it's still listed on this site to allow you to look back on previously issued certificates. [c:0|t:3|false] BIT STRING (520 bits) 0004783bfeec5707a4f0cf2d0652f2bd95e1557589aa5d5138b23513f492be824341a6753e804c2ac1be409f0d3fc339dbe3365796856e008ef11a57f5710d589e1a . [c:0|t:6|false] OBJECT IDENTIFIER (authority Key Identifier) .

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