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If you are not certified, but have experience teaching at a private school, do not be deterred. employ talented teachers who often are not certified,” explains Mr.Some international schools will waive the certification requirement if a teacher has valuable experience. Broman, a former head of international schools in Latin America and the Middle East.School heads know one another, and will place greater value on a recommendation from a colleague they know well or have worked with in the past.For teachers getting into the international circuit Mr.Experience Is overseas teaching experience required to get hired by an international school? But you do need a minimum of two years of teaching experience before you can teach at an international school.

Celta is highly regarded at international schools and now you have some overseas experience. CN Hello Nasa, Since you have taught physics, and maths and chemistry for more than six years and you completed a Master's degree programme in physics and astronomy and had a six month master mobility experience at University of Valladolid, Spain, I think you would be an excellent candidate for teaching at an overseas international school.

The same applies for secondary teachers of English, Mathematics, Science and other subjects.

Elementary school teachers should hold a degree in education, childhood development, or other related subjects.

Furthermore, the references and recommendations you will have secured after your first international teaching stint will make future placements easier.

The expression, It’s a small world, really bears true in the international school community.

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