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The Brazilian hotties play with each other for 32 minutes. Read More » Mistress Ariel Anderssen has been getting too big for her boots- especially as any true dominant can tell that she’s a sub at heart. She’s going to strip Ariel naked, lock her in chains, and reduce her back to the rank of submissive.Read More » Amarna Miller returns to Insex for more of what she loves. Even though she had quite a following, the other mistresses find her laughable! Blindfold, gagged and captive, Ariel has lost control and will never regain it!It’s a pleasure to watch them during the humiliation.Read More » Ariel Anderssen is back where she belongs in #Game Of Slaves – under the thumb and owned by a wicked dominant who has her collared in cold steel, naked and kneeling!Now the dominant private eyes have the two men debasing themselves for their pleasure and won’t let them leave until they’ve had enough.Read More » Melissa Melo, the sexy girls puts adhesive tape on the body of Vaninha, because she wants to punish her.

Daniel Dias tells Ana Macedo to lick her shaved pussy with a lot of saliva. The humiliation is very bad for the slave but she must do what the domina says. Her breasts are big and round as you can see in this girl-with-girl video.

It’s a pleasure for her to whip his boner hard and merciless.

She knows that he is potent enough to get hard again and again, after she whipped his erection down…

The beautiful domina takes off her bra during the domination, so you are going to see her round and seductive breasts in the domination. While he tickles her feet she screams in Spanish begging for him to stop.

The fight is very painful for Vaninha, since the domina pulls her hair and puts her head between her legs. The scissor and judoka are very wild in this video with the fighting girls. Every time she tries to move her feet away it pulls painfully on her cunt.

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