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*Superior technology for compressing, encoding, and decoding the videos. Here is an excellent example provided by Superhero @eldavar: Psst, did you know that you can connect AS MANY DEVICES AS YOU WANT to your Alfred?

Hi @wileve1950, Thank you so much for reaching out! Please let us know if you decide to try Alfred Premium. interuption here to say I just ugraded to premium and love it , no ads better video quality and well its just better all the way around As if that were possible for only 4 bucks a month . Hi @ta2less, Thank you SO much for your compliment! Please let your friends and family know how awesome Alfred is.

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If you are based in the US, Alfred Premium costs 3,99 USD per month. WORTH EVERY PENNY to get this level of security and PEACE OF MIND Hi @gilhildarosa3, Thank you for reaching out! Do you experience this issue with ALL your devices? If there is any feature you’d like to see or any other feedback/questions, please let us know! I’m not too sure what you mean by using the new recording. You can find the Events by tapping on the icon below your Camera thumbnails on the bottom right corner.

If you want to save them, make sure you check out the following tutorial: One of the most-asked questions we get at Alfred Center is “how can I save my videos?

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