Foxconn updating escd

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None means no HDD is installed or set; Auto means the systemcan auto-detect the hard disk when booting up; by choosing Manual andchanging Access Mode to CHS, the related information should be enteredmanually. Fox Central Control Unit Fox Central Control Unit Menu2.1 [Smart BIOS]2.1.1 Smart Power LEDSmart debug LED function within power LED. Chapter 2 BIOS Description242.5.2 DRAM Timing control Selects whether DRAM timing is controlled by the SPD (Serial Presence Detect) EEPROM on the DRAM module.Enter the information directly from the keyboard and press : PDF ???? Enable this function, the power LED status can show the system status of POST process.2.1.2 Smart Boot Menu Smart boot menu with a timer to let user to control boot device easily.2.1.3 Smooth Over Clock To open smooth overclock function can let overclock to be more stable.2.2 CPU Clock This option is used to set the CPU clock.2.3 CPU: DRAM Frequency Ratio This option is used to set the DRAM frequency ratio.2.4 DRAM Frequency This option is used to show the DRAM frequency.2.5 DRAM Clock/Timing Control DRAM Clock/Timing Control Menu2.5.1 DDR2 CAS Latency When DDR2 synchronous DRAM is installed, the number of clock cycles of CASlatency depends on the DRAM timing. Setting to Auto enables DRAM tim-ings to be determined by BIOS based on the configurations on the SPD.Version: User Manual V1.0 for 671MX Series motherboard.P/N: 3A220LY00-000-GSymbol description: Note: Refers to important information that can help you to usemotherboard Motherboard671MXis in conformity with(reference to the specification under which conformity is declared inaccordance with 89/336 EEC-EMC Directive)EN 55022: 1998/A2: 2003Limits and methods of measurements of radio disturbancecharacteristics of information technology equipment EN 61000-3-2/:2000 Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)Part 3: Limits Section 2: Limits for harmonic current emissions(equipment input current USB Port Wake Up Control to Disabled,otherwise system will not enter into S3 mode.2.Power on the computer, when the following message brieflyappears at the bottom of the screen during the POST (Power On Self Test),press key to enter the AWARD BIOS CMOS Setup Utility.

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Note: The following options can be activated and configured only when thisoption is set as Manual.2.5.3 RAS to CAS Delay (t RCD)This is the amount of time a CAS of performed after a RAS.It is really a device doctor for your windows system.As a professional team only focused on the drivers programs, driverdr add millions of new drivers to archive, also including the latest Windows 10 drivers. It provides the huge drivers database for you to download, and the newest drivers are added daily.Standard CMOS Features The basic system configuration can be set up through this menu.2.Fox Central Control Unit The special features can be set up through this menu.3.

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