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2 Aug 338 BC Battle of Chaeronea (Chairneia), Phillip II of Macedonia defeats Athens and Thebes.

338 BC - 197 BC Subjugated by Macedonia (under Alexander III "the [Alxandros ho Mgas] 336 BC - Jun 323 BC) 338 BC - 322 BC Hellenic League (League of Corinth), a federation of Greek states under Macedonia.

146 BC - 27 BC Part of Roman Republic (as 27 BC Part of the Roman Empire (Provincia Achaea is separated from Provincia Macedoniae). 1961) aving left Athens , the King and government left Crete - the last free Greek soil - on , staying in Alexandria (Egypt) 2-, then Johannesburg (South Africa) 20 Jul - , and arriving in London (England) .

National Assembly convened, superseding the three regional bodies; on a provisional constitution adopted, regional bodies abolished on . K., French, Russian intervention, ending Egypt intervention. Greece to be autonomous within Ottoman Empire (by U. Ottomans defeated at Petra in the final battle in the Greek War of Independence (Ottoman garrison leaves the Acropolis ). 1593 The last reference to the institution of the Prtos as the Athonites' supreme administrative and spiritual authority.

In an official press release published on the UP website, Prof.

Dalisay admits that the announcement of the results is “taking time, but we’re making doubly sure that the results are accurate and fair.” Good to know there’s now an official timeframe for the UPCAT results!

- Dec 1246 (Latin) Kingdom of Thessalonica (at Salonika). 1987) NSDAP German Military Commander (of 12th Army) - Wilhelm Sigmund List (b. 1971) German Military Commanders of Salonika-Aegean (Saloniki-gis)(in erdzhikov (acting) Mil - Stefan Rachev Klechkov (b. 1945) Non-party British General Officers Commanding III Corps and Commander Land Forces Greece [ - , H. Land Forces and Military Liaison (Greece); from , H. Land Forces (Greece)] - Feb 1946 Sir Ronald Mac Kenzie Scobie (b. Areopagus of Eastern Continental Greece is elected in revolt for Continental Greece, then part of the Aegaean province.

Athens captured by the Ottomans (the Acropolis is finally occupied in Jun 1458). 1460/1470 Achaea, the Peloponnese, and Euboea part of Elayet of Djeza'ir-i Bahr-i Sefid ("Islands of the White Sea" or "Archipelago"). National Assembly convened, superseding the three regional bodies; on a provisional constitution is adopted, regional bodies are abolished on (see Greece above).

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