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In addition to the traditional holidays listed here, numerous festivals take place throughout the year.

The cuisine is definitely an acquired taste; delicacies include smoked lamb, seared lamb’s head, putrefied shark, ram’s testicles and flatbread, all washed down with Icelandic spirits. Konudagur The month of Thorri comes to an end with 'wife's day', a day to celebrate women.Australia, China, India and a number of European countries also celebrate Mother’s Day in May.As mentioned above, the American Mother’s Day holiday was established in 1914 after Anna Jarvis’s campaign for a celebration in May in the memory of her mother.Later, Mothering Sunday became a day when domestic servants would be given a day off to visit their mother church and their families.By the 1920s, the Mothering Sunday tradition became less celebrated and the commercialised American version of the holiday replaced the religious event.

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