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The Guinness Storehouse opens its doors to the public and becomes the official home of Guinness in the historic heart of Dublin.Fusing over two centuries of brewing heritage and innovation, our Nitro IPA is born.Former Prime Minister Enda Kenny said after meeting the pope in 2016 that if he decided to visit Northern Ireland, the Dublin government would assist in help facilitate the visit.

But, while many milestones mark the way on our long and illustrious path, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels.Peter's Square for his weekly audience, said his visit would be limited to the Irish capital.It will be the first papal trip to Ireland since the explosion of sex abuse cases sorely compromised the Catholic Church's moral authority.Everything you’d want from an IPA blended with everything you’d expect from Guinness, it features a unique blend of carbon dioxide and nitrogen to balance out the profusion of hop flavors. This select group of enterprising brewers is set on a quest to explore new brews, reinterpret historic recipes and experiment with ways to bring exciting new beers to life.Guinness launches the Brewers Project, based at Brew House No. Guinness marks 250 years of innovative brewing with an entire year of firsts, including a retrospective campaign that pays homage to 80 years of Guinness advertising and a spectacular live TV commercial.

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