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He then signed one year contract with Boston Celtics on September 1, 2010, he then played for Dallas Mavericks (2011–2012), National Basketball Association D-League (2013), China (2013–2014) and then returned to the D league in 2015.He married Caressa Suzzette Madden in the year 2013 and has a son named Cash West.Joseph’s University in Philadelphia for further education.He was honored with the title “Washington Post All Met Basketball Player of the Year”.

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As you come into the room to see what is spilling, he looks back at you and says, That’s what Delonte West is, a habitual line-stepper. We all do, let’s take a look at some of the male and female habitual line-steppers in our lives. They show up on Thursday and the following Tuesday they need a ride to the bus station. And then when you tell him to chill, he’s going to let you know that you’re not being his partner for agreeing with the chick. Then you gotta think, why the hell do you have my exes number anyway? – These are the fools who never have gas money, but always need a ride.

But he has done a piss poor job od drafting and developing players and always has, with the exception of Rajon Rondo. Daniels has shown a huge improvement as well as Davis.

I agree the Celtics are one of the top 5 teams in the Nba, Right now they are the best in the east. The Lakers are going to have problems this year, The Spurs(best record so far) and the Mavs are playing good ball, we'll see when Bynum gets back how they do. Having good depth and a good bench allows for guys like KG, Pierce, Allen to stay healthy (for the most part) and continue to close out games down the stretch. Doc Rivers has really turned that team into something special. I hate to see anyone get hurt, and even more I don't like to literally "see" people get hurt.

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