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But still, the whole time I'd smile through whatever rude comments they'd toss my way, bite back less-than-polite responses and even hold back tears. )It was honestly a pretty acrobatic display of human will power.

When they'd finally leave, and as the bell from the front door clanged behind them, I'd feel my stomach unclench and my neck cool down and the nervous sweat in my palms dry.

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Because TBH, if your significant other has that kind of disregard for another living, breathing human being, I can't imagine your relationship is all too incredible.

And just know that when you sit down at a table across from one of those nightmarish, hellish kinds of customers, I'm probably gossiping with all the other servers about how shitty you must be, too.

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So if you're dating someone who does any of that, imagine what it's like to be on the other side of that table.

Typically the rest of the night would go downhill from there, due to any number or combination of factors.

I'd be spoken over when I'd return to take orders, or have this hellish human avoid eye contact and toss menus back into my hand as if I wasn't even there.

Sure, that probably wasn't their intention when they walked in the door and sat down at a booth in my section, but that's what would end up happening.

You know the type of people I'm talking about, whether or not you've ever held a waiter's tray and donned a barista apron.

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