Dating your college roommate

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Make sure to let your roommate know of your plans ahead of time so that they have time to make other arrangements if necessary. It is definitely acceptable to ask your roommate if you can borrow those adorable Oxfords you like.But it is okay to sneak them out of her closet when she’s not there.Now that I’m here, I want to be with a guy who’s on the same page.As someone who’s been in a relationship with a broke guy, I don’t want to risk dealing with jealousy and inferiority complexes just because I’m financially stable and he’s not.If he has his own place, he’s more likely to be ready for a relationship.

It tells me that we share that really important quality of self-sufficiency and it makes me immediately interested in him. Many people live at home or with a roommate until they save or make enough money to get their own place because of the high cost of living in many cities.In my opinion, there are few things more annoying than a bunch of dudes who live together in a dirty, sloppy, musty, man-smell-infused home with game consoles and big screen televisions all over the place and a refrigerator only full of beer. If he has his own place, he probably knows how to live alone.I mean, let’s be honest—have you ever met a group of guys who lived together with a pristine, clean, smartly decorated home? I need to be with a guy who knows how to live alone and take care of himself—and no, the guy who lived in a single dorm room his last two years of college does not have experience living alone.Not only can I afford to live alone, I can provide for myself the way that I want because I’ve worked really hard to be in a position to do so.As a result, I expect the man that I date to have it together too. I earn my own money and pay my own bills and I expect the same in a partner.

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