Dating woman eating disorder

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I've had four or five patients come up here from Venezuela with their faces all puffed up.Their surgeons had injected them with some substance supposed to improve their naso-labial line.But TV and magazines make girls think they should be.The syndrome has led to discrimination against women who are not slim."I don't like what they do in the Miss Venezuela pageants.

"There are cases of girls as young as seven who stick their fingers down their throats and vomit because they want to look like the models and stars." One of the skinny girls' heroines, Argentine supermodel Raquel Mancini, herself almost died last year after undergoing liposuction. Plastic surgery has begun competing with psychiatric treatment as the national pastime.

"We can make anyone beautiful," said one Miss Venezuela official who admitted contestants are virtually cloned through thousands of pounds worth of retoquitos (retouches, or cosmetic surgery) in an effort to create "the perfect woman".

Beauty pageants are to Venezuelans what the FA Cup Final is to Britons: winners are almost deified.

Later on, their skin gets so tight they look like plastic dolls.

"There are dangers from the anaesthetic and from bad scarring.

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