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Jasper Ware is also famous for the bas relief applied to the sides, often in imitation of classical Greek motifs.Jasper Ware has been in production for over 200 years, and in that time the methods of production have remained virually unchanged.Francis Wedgwood (1800-1880) son of Josiah II, a partner from 1827 and sole proprietor following his father’s death until joined by his own sons.Financial difficulties caused him to offer the firm and the family home etruria hall, for sale soon after taking over the factory but fortunately for the company, only the hall was sold.Wedgwood was a constant innovator, a thinker, and a scientist.In 1782 he perfected a tool for measuring heat in kilns.

Godfrey Wedgwood (1833-1905) son of Francis Wedgwood, partner from 1859 to 1891.He and his brothers reintroduced bone china c1876 and employed of the artists Thomas Allen and Emile Lessore.Clement Wedgwood (1840-1889) son of Francis Wedgwood, partner.The third major innovation for which Wedgwood is remembered is Jasper Ware, which has been described as the most important invention in the history of ceramics since the discovery of porcelain.It took Wedgwood years of experimentation to perfect his design for this unglazed stoneware with the uncanny ability to be both durable and delicate, and to take colours so evenly throughout its surface.

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