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Participation in the sense of participating in decision-making processes is an important design element for the organisation on the whole.A permanent team of department managers ensures a high level of professionalism in the different professional disciplines.Its differentiated offering consists of courses, long-term continuous training and qualification, seminars and workshops.The Academy of Arts Education has a qualified expertise in theorising, policy counselling and concept development at its disposal.

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It is a supporter of the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendfilmzentrum (kjf) and the information centre “Kulturelle Bildung in Schule und Jugendarbeit NRW“ (Arts education in schools and youth work North Rhine Westphalia) and a centre of important arts education associations and organisations as well as the founder of numerous multiplier networks.Accordingly, social changes are evaluated with view to their importance for arts education.The Academy of Arts Education understands participation as an essential fundamental principle of education for further and continuous training concepts as well as the contents and methods imparted.Networks of multipliers facilitate practical transfer and counselling beyond the duration of a training course.The Academy of Arts Education contributes to enabling children and young people to have multi-faceted and stimulating experience in the field of arts education.

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