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So I won't know for sure yet, but the CC did instruct me also NOT to agree to or sign anything, the company was only doing that for strong arm tactics and intimidation and that isn't happening.

I also managed to "DISPUTE" the previous charges with the CC also. A week later the company calls me up says they had the charges reversed and they won the dispute and would make me an offer to cancel the final 00 if I left this alone and I signed a NON disparage clause to not talk about them openly. ) I am working with an attorney to settle this, but the CC company also said to me.

They gave me a starter price of 00 for a 3 year 3 free membership. They immediately dropped it down to 00 with a military discount they claimed they had - they didn't even want to see proof that I ever was in the military, just took my word for it (I was - but they didn't ask for proof.

Shows you how deceptive they can be, they will try to MILK you for all they can get from you).

I will spend every free minute and go on every social media site I can find and every consumer site and contact the attorney general as well. This company's office in MN has at least a dozen small claims courts filed against them - maybe a lot more.

The Washington state office is being investigated by the state attorney General, the Wisconsin branch is also being investigated for fraud by the AG. It really spills the beans on what they do, especially how they determine your fees they charge you - scary stuff!! Here is another site full of complaints on the company: **.

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