Dating satsuma buttons

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The more modern items are mass produced and are marked with English writing, which should be a good indicator of their age.

One of the obvious differences between porcelain and earthenware pottery is that the former is very thin, which allows you to hold the item and tap it, producing a "ring" sound.

Due to the style becoming so popular in more recent years, many people purchased (not inexpensive) pieces that have stayed in the family for many years, only to be found again or looked at in more detail more recently.

If you are able to find out when the pieces were purchased, it may help you work out how old they are.

If you are feeling brave, use the Kanji by radicals site to construct the Japanese symbols and try to work out the meaning yourself.

Apart from people looking for information on Satsuma Pottery or getting a great deal on the e Bay listings I provide on each page, this is the most common reason people might visit this site.

If a stamp or print has been used to mark the piece, you may have a more modern item - most likely mid to late 20th century and worth less value.

Obviously, a stamped mark will look more “perfect” than a hand painted one, so it should stick out like a sore thumb.

Looking at the marking will let you know a rough date and if the item is worth anything or not.

So you have the piece in your hand now and have flipped it over and found the marking - what next?

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