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Map image shown above.) This map shows the territorial boundary set at the controversial 54°40’ parallel that fueled the famous Oregon boundary dispute of the 1840s.

Lastly there is this wonderful post route map of the State of Washington which shows the intermediate distances of mail routes in operation in 1897 and includes a list of counties showing relative position within state (RARE MAP 912.797 UNITED 1897.

This chart was created by Lieutenant Henry Roberts of the HMS Discovery, while under the command of Captain James Cook, as they explored the North Pacific in the years 17 during Cook’s third and final voyage (RARE MAP-1 912.798 ROBERTS 1784.

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Several of them had to be scanned as greyscale to retain legibility and have had to be published as jpegs with some loss of quality.If you need to refer to them then please link to them here and include an acknowledgement to Lancashire County Council.Washington State Library Special Collections collect and preserve historic maps and atlases dating back to the early European and Asian exploration of the North Pacific coastline.Each color represents an old channel, dating back 1,000 years or so.Those that correspond to historical records are dated, while older channels are ordered according to the principle of superposition (newer sediments on top of older ones).

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