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In this guide we explain what happens when payday loans go wrong.With a payday loan, you agree to borrow a certain amount, over a fixed period of time – for example, £150 for 10 days.This subject comes up with increasing frequency when couples wait until later in life to marry.

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Personality can play a big role in discussions about money.

Pay attention while you are dating, and be honest about your personality.

Talking about your views and feelings can help put both partners at ease, or at least let them know what to expect. Few things build resentment faster than being made to feel inferior.

Power plays often occur when: one partner works and the other doesn't; both partners would like to be working but one is unemployed; one spouse earns considerably more than the other; or one partner comes from a family that has money and the other doesn't. The joys of family often extend right into your wallet.

When these situations are present, the money earner (or the one who makes the most money) often wants to dictate the spending priorities. Nowadays, it costs on average nearly 0,000 to raise a child for 18 years, according to the latest estimates. Of course, once you have them, you have to care for them in many ways. Communication is the key to most marital financial challenges.

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