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Thus Hitchcock observes, “Irenaeus’ mistake about the length of Jesus’ earthly ministry, as discussed previously, was based on his misinterpretation of a particular biblical text; whereas, his information about the date of Revelation was evidently received directly from Polycarp.

It is much easier to misinterpret a biblical text than to misunderstand direct verbal testimony from someone as respected as Polycarp.” interpreted Tertullian to be dating the book under Domitian.

And John being dismissed from the mines, thus subsequently delivered the same Apocalypse which he had received from God.” If it were necessary that [the Antichrist’s] name should be declared clearly at the present time, it would have been announced by him who saw the revelation.

For it was seen, not long ago, but almost in our generation, Consider the evidence for the early and late date, side-by-side.

However, a number of counterarguments can be raised: First, all four English translations of Eusebius render Irenaeus’ expression clearly and without ambiguity.

Moreover, none of these translations even contain a footnote or alternate reading for Irenaeus’ straightforward statement.

We date the book of Revelation some time during the end of the reign of Emperor Domitian (AD 95).

Third, the Latin translation of Irenaeus also supports the traditional interpretation.

Since Domitian was assassinated on September 18, AD 96, this would date the book of Revelation around AD 95.

However, two objections have been raised against Irenaeus’ straightforward assertion: Some Preterists argue that Irenaeus’ statement is not that clear.

As Preterist Ken Gentry writes, If the late-date of around A. 95-96 is accepted, a wholly different situation would prevail.

The events in the mid to late 60s of the first century would be absolutely excluded as possible fulfillments.[1] If the book was written after A. 70, then its contents manifestly do not refer to events surrounding the fall of Jerusalem—unless the book is a wholesale fraud, having been composed after the predicted events had already occurred…

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