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What was he was going to do if more of "them" tried to join their church?"One man asked me if I was prepared for a hostile takeover," says Sheppard, pastor of Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California."There are plenty of skirmishes." Can't we just be Christians? That's one of the first questions interracial churches must address.De Young says he encountered many blacks who said they wanted a racial timeout on Sunday.

Woo's mother is white, and his father is part Chinese.They work long hours or have more than one job, not to mention the various responsibilities that prevent them from attending social events that may provide them with opportunities to meet others.Some singles dating in Texas may hate the thought of frequenting clubs and bars in order to meet new people, but Texas dating can be more convenient if you use online dating sites.Slavery and Jim Crow kept blacks and whites apart in the pews in the nation's early history.Some large contemporary black denominations, like the African Methodist Episcopal church, were formed because blacks couldn't find acceptance in white churches.

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