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"People said that if Jews, Greeks, Africans, slaves, men and women - the huge divides of that time period -- could come together successfully, there must be something to this religion," De Young says.

Biblical precedents, though, may not be enough to make someone attend church with a person of another race.

De Young, the "United by Faith" co-author, says the first-century Christian church grew so rapidly precisely because it was so inclusive.

He says the church inspired wonder because its leaders were able to form a community that cut across the rigid class and ethnic divisions that characterized the ancient Roman world.

Like many leaders of interracial churches, he is driven in part by a personal awakening.

Woo's mother is white, and his father is part Chinese.

Something else is needed: a tenacious pastor who goads his or her church to reach across racial lines, interracial church scholars say. Rodney Woo, senior pastor of Wilcrest Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, may be such a person.

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They point to the New Testament description of the first Christian church as an ethnic stew -- it deliberately broke social divisions by uniting groups that were traditionally hostile to one another, they say.

Theodore Brelsford, co-author of "We Are the Church Together,'' another book that looks at interracial churches, says whites often say that church should transcend race.

"They'd say, 'Can't we just get along without talking about race all the time? '" Not really, say advocates for interracial churches.

"They would say, 'I need a place of refuge,'" he says.

"They said, 'I need to come to a place on Sunday morning where I don't experience racism.' " Whites also complained of their own version of racial fatigue, other scholars say.

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