Daddy 3 son intergenerational dating

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Again, who am I to scrutinize the motives of others?As long as you're not taking advantage of anyone.... It's a simple situation of "to each his own," and thankfully the Internet has been able to bring the members of this community, with their intergenerational adult attractions, together.Don't get them pregnant (or get pregnant by them); don't give them a sexually transmitted infection; don't lead them to believe it's likely to be a forever thing (but who knows?); and do support them in their sexual exploration by helping with their knowledge and confidence, and treating them well.Obviously, the world of gay dating and hooking up had changed enormously during my dormant period, and, for the first time, I began using apps.

This is not a detailed research report, but rather a summary of observations I've made about younger men for older men over the past two years while working for an online gay dating service.

Perhaps our collective creepy, unavoidable, and abusive father figure is giving us all daddy issues and they're manifesting (in some) as a burning desire to spend some prone time with kinder, sexier, more benevolent daddies. Not for creating more people interested in intergenerational sex and/or romance, but by making it easier for people to anonymously seek out what they really want.

Even if the initial looking/finding process is anonymous, DAD, discussing one's desires with others who share them helps people get more comfortable with themselves and, in turn, likelier to eventually come out about their non-normative kinks, desires, and relationships.

Also, I will deal here only with adults over 18 that express an interest in intergenerational gay dating.

While working on an online relationships site, I've noticed an fascinating phenomenon of intergenerational gay dating.

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