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It is therefore the oldest known surgical treatise.This surgical treatise consists exclusively of cases, not recipes.The third verdict, expressed in the words, 'an ailment not to be treated,' is found in no other Egyptian medical treatise.This unfavorable verdict occurring fourteen times in the Edwin Smith Papyrus marks a group of cases (besides one more case) which the surgeon cannot cure and which he is led to discuss by his scientific interest in the phenomena disclosed by his examination."¹ It is of special interest to the neurosurgeon because it contains the first descriptions of the cranial sutures, the meninges, the external surface of the brain, the cerebrospinal fluid, and the intracranial pulsations.

C.), a commentary added a few hundred years later in the form of 69 explanatory notes (glosses).

Gloss: As for: "Two strips of linen," [it means] two bands [of linen which one applies upon the two lips of the gaping wound in order to cause that one join] to the other.

Case Three Title: [Instructions concerning] a gaping [wo]und in his head, penetrating to the bone (and) perforating his [skull].

Examination: [If thou examinest a man having a gaping wound in] his [head], penetrating to the bone, (and) perforating his skull; thou shouldst palpate his wound; [shouldst thou find him unable to look at his two shoulders] and his [br]east, (and) suffering with stiffness in his neck...

Diagnosis: Thou shouldst say [regarding] him: "One having [a gaping wound in his head, penetrating to the bone, (and) per]forating his skull, while he suffers with stiffness in his neck.

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