Consolidating itunes libraries

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I don't think there's another program like this." "Loving this application! I consider it my number one composing tool when I'm working in the Ambient genre." "There is so many possibilities on this app.

A great way to explore some amazing sounds and create new music. The creators are super nice people, theres only 2 of them but they do answer very quickly and are not greedy...

To keep things simple we're choosing in the docs to refer to this original Apple-only 'variant' as '' (NB: On the App Store it is still called 'Wotja' and has the foregoing icon).

So that we could run Wotja on multiple platforms we've for a good while now been hard at work on a new cross-platform UI variant (i.e.

As the 'Wotja X' UI will be the UI we take forward in future we use screenshots from that.

To get familiar with the new UI, and with one exception, we do now recommend that "Wotja is really one of a kind in the generative music space, there’s nothing like it at all.

Create your own ambient tracks or use Wotja to create some initial ideas to build upon.

They clearly love it and deserve to make a decent living and be supported for their long-term and continuing work. I was a little hesitant to purchase another subscription service, but it all really factors out to only about a dollar per month.

customer should consider getting the 'Wotja X' variant.

If you love creating ambient music, noodling with systems, designing soundscapes or enjoy creative writing then get this powerful all-in one generative creativity system.

Generative Music: It's quick & easy to create and record your own unique & royalty free ambient music soundscapes.

Get your creative juices flowing and generate melodies, MIDI notes/events tinker with modular synth sounds/fx.

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