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He fought for his position on the team and went on to play for another five years. Emperor of France from 1804 to 1815, Napoleon is often pictured with his right hand in his shirt, a method he is rumored to have developed to conceal his goat bladder ostomy bag. Shortly after joining the San Diego Chargers, Rolf’s battle with Ulcerative Colitis took a turn for the worse and the doctors ultimately removed his colon. In retirement, Tip developed colon cancer and eventually underwent a ostomy surgery.Waking up with two ostomies, Rolf went on to adjust to life as an ostomate and continued to kick for the Chargers for 8 years. This motivated him to make several public service announcements with athletes and stars to promote awareness of colon cancer. In 1932 she won two Olympic Gold Medals and one Olympic Silver Medal for Track and Field.Knowing how each food affects your digestion means you'll spend less time worrying about the food's effects and more time having fun with friends.It may help to chew your food thoroughly and drink plenty of water.Loretta Young was an American actress who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1948 for her role in The Farmer’s Daughter.She had her own show, The Loretta Young Show from 1953 – 1961, for which she received three Emmy Awards.In 1980, Al had his colon removed due to his Inflammatory Bowel Disease, incurring an ileostomy. Dwight David Eisenhower was the Texas-born 34 president of the United States of America.

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She was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1978 and had ostomy surgery. It is confirmed she had an ostomy, although it is not documented when or why she had her ostomy surgery.

Her colon cancer recurred in 1955 and Babe passed away the next year at 45 years of age.

She has since been inducted into the Hall of Fame of Women’s Golf and was named “10 Century” by ESPN.

If you want to continue these pursuits, ask your doctor or ostomy nurse about special products you can use and precautions you can take to protect your stoma during these activities.

Check with your doctor before you begin lifting weights after your surgery.

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