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In the same way her pictures are kept in Instagram as well as in fansite too. She is able to kept her private things secret and behind the curtain.

Information regarding her dating and her past affairs and boyfriend is kept private and is not disclosed in public.

She is married personality but she is not stable in her relationship and did divorce with her husband after only one year of her marriage.

She has already being pregnant and gave birth to her daughter.

She is very hot and sexy actress who emerges often in different dress especially in bikini. she looks very attractive and beautiful in different hairstyles and dress up.

Talking about her beauty and attractiveness she is really beautiful and attractive lady. She is attractive Hollywood personality of 32 years old in age and she is he is satisfied with her work.

Her convincing smile and attractive body structure is so attractive that the fans are increasing say by day are fascinated by her appearance massively towards her. She is able to maintained her figure very well and has got an attractive body measurements but not disclosed yet.

Christina Milian isn’t hiding her love for Lil Wayne.

During her interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3, she admitted to not only dating the rapper (by going along with Big Boy), but also that she loves him."He's the sweetest. After realizing what she said, she shared more details of the relationship, saying that the diamond ring on her wedding finger is "not an engagement ring" but "a sweet little gift, a nice gesture" from Wayne.

Her nationality is American and ethnicity is mixed.

She is very popular in present context among the teen agers and young generations.

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    My parent like this dud but I don't I only live with him for the sake of my parent and culture. He gave me a business card and he asked for my cell # number; I have none; I gave him my home number. He said," You are a beautiful woman and smart, I can tell." I'm completely believed him and felt he is mine at that moment. Now, I feel that I love him even more because he listened to me; I told him that I love him but he never say that word to me; he is not attractive at all; I'm not insulting him but it is the truth. I don't deny he is very cunning and at first I used to fear his penetrating look and how he can see what is beyond any crust. and what I really love in him is that he strengthen my self-confidence. The only thing is, he is flirty and somewhat forward with other women, but does not want to see me with another man, even though he wants to see them admire me. Which has been hard because I want to let him go, but I don't want to, because I want him to myself. We will talk on the phone 1, 2 or more hours every night and I find myself sharing things I never told my ex-husband after 16 years of marriage. I can't stop thinking about him and although I get frustrated at times with his mood changes, I can't help but fall in love each time I see him. We're compatible with both our astrology and Chinese horoscopes..cheers. working through a recent breakup with a Scorpio male I was dating for nearly a year.

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    Having said that, she still admits she bought into lots of bogus advice from friends who didn't really know what they were talking about."No matter what age you are, don't talk to your friends," she warns.

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