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Well, because i m a card-carrying member of the rihanna navy (duh), but also because it s my birthday tomorrow.I m just assuming it was written explicitly for me.This week s wrap-up includes some shady lovin disco style, some brilliant new dance-pop princesses on the rise and even a special birthday wish from princess riri to me.Time for another round of 5 must-hear pop songs for the week.

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Edit article around the web there is no sky blu married record found for add there is no children record found for sky bluadd.

Their group went on hiatus in 2012 but sky bu launched his solo career a year later with his singles “salud” and “pop bottles” along with his debut solo album, rebel music.

) chelsea korka, make me feel remember the paradiso girls.

, bad date aside from discovering your fly s been down the entire day at work or realizing you just ate the last oreo in the sleeve, there are few worse things in life than a bad date.

But it s like kelly clarkson always said (oh ok, and nietzsche): what doesn t kill you makes you stronger.

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