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Just think back to the sexiest scenario you've ever been involved in, and go over it play-by-play, putting words to it. Or use a dream situation with some hot Hollywood actor; it's a great way to come up with fantasy language. You're alone, in your own world, with no one to judge you. If you try it unpracticed in the bedroom, you're going to be nervous. Conversely, it's okay if you're in the bedroom and you want to go to that raunchier, naughtier place.When you're practicing alone, you'll figure out what words you're comfortable with, and it's important not to try to be someone you aren't.We can only promise that 7 days a week.) , we encourage you to make yourself at home by filling out the simple, secure signup page letting us know you're an adult.Then you're free to enjoy unlimited access to the best adult cams on i Friends.

Marie Claire: To start off, how would you define dirty talk? ," but it's really just another way to express yourself in the bedroom.

The heat of your breath and a few sultry words is incredibly scintillating. Before you get into the bedroom or when things are already hot and heavy?

DM: Well, once you're really comfortable with it you'll find yourself using it at dinner, I swear!

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