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I walked around the back of the house and peered into the basement window, where the party was taking place. Her two friends went to the bathroom upstairs, leaving Michelle alone with Mike and a few other guys. But before I had time to think about it, Mike grabbed Michelle forcefully and cupped her ass, slightly lifting the silk blouse above the bottom of her ass for everyone to see. He grabbed her by the sleeve which caused her shirt to rip right off her fair skinned body.

Finally, I could see Michelle, and she was dancing with her two friends and about four Pike guys, including Mike. Quickly she covered up her breasts which were out for everyone to see, and she crouched into the corner as she yelled something at Mike that I couldn't quite make out. I kicked in the front door and forced my way down the stairs to the basement.

Mike looked at me, then back at Michelle, and then unzipped his pants to unleash what I can say to this day is the biggest cock I have ever seen.

Michelle gasped and couldn't take her eyes off of it.

It was flaccid, maybe two inches (I am about three inches fully erect).

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He then escorted me down to the basement with my now naked girlfriend, Mike, and his three jacked meathead guido friends.I laughed and said to Michelle that there was no way she was going to that, right?She hesitated and said that Diana had her keys so she had to stop by there anyway. I was especially mad at Mike and his friends and didn't want my girlfriend trotting around their house laughing it up with those guys. Ten minutes became twenty, and twenty became thirty, and eventually, she had been gone for almost an hour. I went to open the door but it was locked, so I knocked.I pulled my pants up and ran out of the house in tears from humiliation.I stopped halfway to my house and turned back, 'what about Michelle? 'What a horrible coward I am leaving her down there.' I went back to the basement window and saw these savages passing around my girlfriend like she was just some fuck doll.

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