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The books are being collected in the relatively secure Iraqi city of Irbil, where they are sorted, labelled and prepared for a more peaceful time when the libraries can be rebuilt.

“Voltaire said once, ‘let’s read and let’s dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world’.

There will always be a black hole in the history of Mosul and Iraq as a result,” he said.

“The university’s central library was my second home.

Working out how to transport the books through Iraq is more difficult,” he said.Exclusive: When Isis first took Mosul, it committed what Unesco called ‘one of the most devastating acts of destruction of library collections in human history’.Now, in anticipation of the city being liberated, one historian is working to rebuild what was lost Once a treasure trove of Unesco-registered rare books, the central library of the University of Mosul is now a blackened husk, full of ash.It used to house a wealth of rare publications and unique manuscripts that were available nowhere else.” Over the two and a half years that followed Isis’ capture of the city, smaller libraries in Mosul were repeatedly targeted and looted.Controlling knowledge to reaffirm its grip on power, Isis aimed to “cleanse the libraries of all blasphemous literature and knowledge”, said the historian.

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