Brittany daniel dating keenen wayans

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It didn’t really work out in New York so he decided to move over to Los Angeles in 1980.His first regular role came in a series titled “For Love and Honor” where he played the role of a soldier with a desire to be a professional boxer.The couple was enjoying the warm weather and so did the public which saw the actress kissing her boyfriend.Brittany Daniel was wearing a leopard printed bikini and showed her perfect figure and tan.Now remember when I said leaving college one semester to completion proved to be the right choice for Keenen?

Kim Wayans is one of the more serious Wayans, she had a role in Pariah.The Wayans Brother is reportedly dating actress Brittany Daniel, who stars in his new movie little man, after hand picking her for the project.We’re no longer living in that era when people of colour were being regarded as less talented or less smart.Keenen was the pioneer of the Wayans comedy empire and he helped bring to the limelight the talents of his siblings.Damon Wayans Sr, is most famous for The Last Boy Scout and My Wife and Kids.

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