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At the same time, fewer and fewer people are discussing or admitting that this is a real problem. Consider that Christians, as a whole, do not participate in regular Bible studies or small groups.

They do not have mentors or people in their lives to encourage and spur them on. Friendship Lesson 1: Have you ever wondered why certain people have all the friends, while others--perhaps even you--seem to have few to none?

We all have different personalities, habits, desires, experiences, and expectations, all converging and conflicting, and the water cooler area becomes a gathering place for hearing the latest gossip, a hotbed of conflict and chaos. Yes, this goes against our common thinking, but How to Look for the Love of a Lifetime!

Somehow, in the midst of all this, we, as Christians, are called to distinction. Part 3 The world considers marriage to be an avenue to satisfaction for self.

This is one of the main reasons, if not the main reason, that keeps people away!

Effective spiritual growth, maturity, and outreach cannot happen when the Church is pierced with bad attitudes, all stemming from a poor spiritual condition and... If you fall away from these questions or refuse to have someone hold you to them, then Satan will have a foothold in your life.

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This is also a fund-raising opportunity for us that we think could be a successful addition to your church or ministry spiritual arsenal.

People get confused, disillusioned, and eventually give up on marriage because... This is part four, the last article in a series to challenge single Christians to seek Biblical principles in love and dating.

In this final part, we will look at how to build a lasting and godly relationship.

More helps and solutions on our Remember we do not deserve His love and grace, yet it is given to us anyway!

Hypocrisy and judgmental attitudes cause some of the biggest problems in the Church, and spill over to others outside her walls whose concept of a Church is what they observe.

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