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In some ways, Bosnia is quite similar in that sense.However, taking public transportation can also mean long conversations with an old man who visited America when he was younger or a woman letting you place your shopping bags on her lap while you stand.It’s a wonderful part of Bosnian life that makes you truly come to appreciate the country and culture, as well as just sit down and enjoy the company around you.Public transportation wouldn’t seem like an obvious cultural difference to the naked eye.The woman of the house is the one who cooks and cleans, even if she holds a steady job, while the man works on outdoor chores or simply lays on the couch watching sports when he isn’t working.For newer generations, the roles are changing for the most part; however, families that were getting started during the Bosnian War remain more traditional and handfuls of new generation families still cling to old traditions. There are plenty of sports open to males, such as the nation’s most popular sport soccer, and even swimming and skating too.

Some Bosnians set out food for stray animals, such as scraps from their meals or specifically bought cans of tuna for the kittens living underneath garbage barrels outside their back door.

Being sick in Bosnia is a completely new experience. Maybe you caught a little cold because you forgot to wear socks, so you should make tea and utilize the tea bags by placing them on your eyes.

Instead of simply taking an ibuprofen and drinking tea, there is a whole long list of remedies to cure your illness, not to mention a long list of causes. Sitting on concrete as a woman is a big no-no as it’ll freeze your ovaries and you won’t be able to have children. You might have a bit of a headache due to your kidneys being infected from not wearing an undershirt.

With time it is becoming more common to see both genders participating in sports, but for now the roles remain overall traditional in most respects.

After the Bosnian War, homes were destroyed and left in disarray and pets were included in the chaotic mess that was left standing.

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