Bianca casady dating devendra banhart

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It taints the music with the dull self-satisfaction of people who drink expensive wine.

No, the new album is rarefied, with an occasional eerie stillness and gravity partly attributable to the heavy presence of pianist Gael Rakotondrabe (allowed the unusual freedom to collaborate in the compositional process) who smothers the record with a restraint sometimes lacking in Coco Rosie’s other records.

, trying to piece together the electoral chaos the country has descended into as the emotional/chemical euphoria slowly drains out of me, a friend cranes his head round from the seat in front.

“When you’re writing about *COCOROSIE*” he says, “you should describe them as ‘puerile innocence’”.

Sierra describes the era with a palpable fondness, although she’s equivocal about the New Weird America scene they found themselves a part of upon its release.

“I think of [Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom and Antony Hegarty as] just a bunch of little chickens on a farm, we’re different types of animals that were born during the same Spring. We share a sweet memory of Springtime.” “With our first record we weren’t aware of the fact we were making a record, which was pretty cool.

It’s like a family bond[…The piano] adds a nice saliva to all of our chewing (laughs).” Sierra: “All of our chewing trying to get at[…]different weird mysteries and unravel lost moments from our past lives. It seems to be everywhere in the record, tombstones and quite a bit of cloudy imagery. Bianca: “It’s just our innate tendency to do some funny matchmaking.

Like some other artists, the Casadys do dress in costumes.

Neither finished high school and they were separated for almost a decade when Sierra moved to New York and then Paris to pursue an opera career.

It was only after Bianca turned up unannounced on her Montmartre doorstep that the seeds of Coco Rosie were sown, and over months recording in a tiny bathroom germinated into their debut album, La Maison de Mon Rêve.

Considering the religious imagery in many Coco Rosie songs, is faith a source of inspiration to them? I think we can all relate to being supplicated with images of male spirituality, beards and blood…the good stuff!

I guess we’re like a lot of people, so tired of the old pictures you know?

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