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Note, there is no transformation into a functional form performed or required.The input-format for the table is a string, which starts with table: and is then followed by a block of x-values and a block of the corresponding y-values, which represent the values of the log-density evaluated on x.As prediction is the same as fitting a model with some missing data, we can simply set y[i] = NA for those ``locations'' we want to predict.Here is a simple examplen = 100= 10y = arima.sim(n=n, model=list(ar=0.9))N = n n.predyy = c(y, rep(NA, n.pred))i = 1: Nformula = yy ~ f(i, model="ar1")r = inla(formula, data = data.frame(i,yy), = list(initial = 10, fixed=TRUE)) ## no observational noise r$summary.random$i[(n 1): N, c("mean", "sd") ] mean sd101 -2.6021569048 1.397605790102 -2.2801830807 1.639556612103 -2.0008859575 1.807935005104 -1.7635334748 1.932743951105 -1.5569410367 2.025845322106 -1.3790793264 2.097800368107 -1.2261449461 2.153969553108 -1.0913806143 2.197121102109 -0.9767910767 2.232332803110 -0.8749748925 2.259614345Quantiles such like r$summary.fitted.values and r$marginals.fitted.values, if computed, use the identity link if y[i] = NA by default.The default option `link="default"' is a macro for the second entry on the list. n = 100z = runif(n)eta = 1 0.1*z N = 20## logitp = exp(eta)/(1 exp(eta))y = rbinom(n, size = N, prob = p)r = inla(y ~ 1 z, data = data.frame(y, z), family = "binomial", Ntrials = rep(N, n), = list(link = "logit"), control.predictor = list(compute=TRUE))## probitp = pnorm(eta)y = rbinom(n, size = N, prob = p)rr = inla(y ~ 1 z, data = data.frame(y, z), family = "binomial", Ntrials = rep(N, n), = list(link = "probit"), control.predictor = list(compute=TRUE))## cloglogp = 1-exp(-exp(eta))y = rbinom(n, size = N, prob = p)rrr = inla(y ~ 1 z, data = data.frame(y, z), family = "binomial", Ntrials = rep(N, n), = list(link = "cloglog"), control.predictor = list(compute=TRUE))In INLA there is no function ``predict'' as for glm/lm in R.Predictions must to done as a part of the model fitting itself.Finally, we will present an example illustrating (and comparing) the three different possibilities by means of the log-gamma distribution for the precision parameter.

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Known functions that can be used within the expression statement are: ˆ- common math functions, such as exp(x),sin(x),. INLA fits a spline through the provided points and continues with this in the succeeding computations.In this way, you are comparing the results obtained from the same model.For smaller models, INLA provide its own MCMC-samplerwhich you can use; see .Since we first learned of its existence, we’ve been asking for the complete record of the communications data between MH370 and Inmarsat’s satellite network.In May 2014, Malaysia released satellite data logs, but they were incomplete: fields of data were missing, and only a small number of data records from before the flight was made available.

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