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The evil sister wears a green costume, with a skirt rather than pantaloons.

Jeannie's evil fraternal twin sister, mentioned in a second-season episode (also named Jeannie - since, as Barbara Eden's character explains it, all female genies are named Jeannie—and also portrayed by Barbara Eden in a brunette wig), proves to have a mean streak starting in the third season (demonstrated in her initial appearance in "Jeannie or the Tiger?Both I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched were Screen Gems productions.The show debuted at 8 pm, Saturday, September 18, 1965, on NBC.The series was created and produced by Sidney Sheldon in response to the great success of rival network ABC's Bewitched series, which had debuted in 1964 as the second-most watched program in the United States.Sheldon, inspired by the movie The Brass Bottle, which had starred Tony Randall, Barbara Eden, and Burl Ives as the jinn Fakrash, conceived of the idea for a beautiful female genie.

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