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On a trans-regional scale, Kharga’s strategic position was appreciated since Old Kingdom: the ‘Oasis Route’, mentioned by the officer Harkhuf to bypass a problematic portion of the Nile Valley, indicates that a network of desert tracks (most probably including the small southern Oases of Nabta Playa, Kurkur and Dungul, sites b and c) was already in use at that time as an alternative to the Valley.

Old Kingdom Kings, moreover, extended their influence from Kharga to Dakhla and beyond towards the area of Gilf al-Kebir and Uweinat, as is demonstrated by the recent discovery of the name of a previously unknown Predynastic king along the route connecting Kharga and Dakhla, and of the chain of Pharaonic water stations departing from the nearby Dakhla Oasis and heading to the Gilf via Abu Ballas.

Many of these temples lie surrounded by mudbrick settlements that are likely to have a contemporary or slightly later origin.

Cemeteries dating to this period have been located at al-Deir, Ain al-Dabashiya and Dush (that also yielded significant textual evidence), and possibly at Ain al-Lebekha and Umm al-Dabadib.

The Persian period show that that the role of Egypt as a meeting ground and overlap of East and West: contacts and links between Persia from the east and Greeks and Romans from the West were not confined to the Delta and Nile Valley, but extended into the deep desert and the Western Desert Oases, down to the Tropic of Cancer.

Mudbrick temples in good state of preservation are located at Ain al-Lebekha, Mohammed Tuleib, Umm al-Dabadib, Ain al-Dabashiya, and al-Deir.

Apart from Hibis (mentioned above), stone temples can be found at Nadura, Qasr al-Ghweita, Qasr al-Zayyan, Dush, at the remote site of Ain Amur and at the newly discovered site of Ain al-Tarakwa (see below).

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