Athletes play own rules dating game

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NEWS FLASH: most guys give zero shits about what petty small-scale decisions you make (should I get the blue dress or the black one? ), so this could probably be applied to any relationship. Dependency and helplessness is NOT attractive in a distance relationship. Do not expect him to make any big decisions while in season While your guy is in season, he probably has NO idea what?

You have to make decisions on your own or with other friends (emphasis on ? since any huge life-changing decisions should always be discussed with your guy).

You can certainly ask, but be prepared to accept a non-answer (rule one). The fact that you brought it up and are encouraging him to make decisions is enough. Get to know his sport This is sort of self-explanatory but it can mean a lot to your guy if you follow his league or his sport in general. I still have no idea how to spot the difference between a fastball or a slider or a changeup.

It is your job as Supportive Girlfriend to be there through all of it. Sometimes you have to bend over backwards for him, and you should be willing to do that.

type of communication (which is fine for idle chat). s going, any troubles or bumps in the road are going to happen, you have to be able to power through and solve the problems and not let them fester.

Where you are in the relationship, how you feel, where you think it? If you keep unnecessary communication to a minimum, your guy will be happy.

I am very aware that this contradicts what I said in rule one, that you have to be patient and not ? Maybe he has already talked about past long distance relationship failures and what went wrong. Some girls think they can handle the long distance thing, but once reality hits, they change their minds.? It was a vague statement, but in hindsight it was really important. t really sure what he meant by that, but he certainly was right. Had he not said those things, I would probably be tearing my hair out going crazy. s going to want to just chill, sleep, or hang out with his buddies. He may not want to give up his life in his sport for you just yet, you may endure a few years of ?

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