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Tell your friend you can't do it anymore and why, she'll understand. Because if they do hook up, you'll be jealous and that can ruin your friendship.

Use basic question's, and make sure there question's that don't have an yes or no answer for them.Find out if he has a girlfriend right away, that way you can back down and not waste time. And also try to hint at things that your friend does to see if he likes them or not.When you think you have enough info make up a excuse, you have to go to the bathroom, you need a drink, you want more food, you need to make a call- anything!I find it very presumptuous that he assumes his “reasons” or trauma are worse than mine. I am also angry that he won’t be patient and give the relationship a chance to unfold.I feel like he is already emotionally committed, and that he doesn’t want to “screw it up.” It’s putting a lot of pressure on me.

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