Air stewardess dating

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The air stewardess had struck up a relationship with 65-year-old Campbell after meeting him online but later told police she "lost" several hours after having memory blackouts and being violently sick after having the drug secretly dropped in her drink.

Smartly-dressed Campbell told a friend that he liked having sex with women who had taken drugs because the effects "left them screaming for more," but insisted the sex had been consensual and his partner had instigated it.

He hadn't thought there would be any sexual passion." Campbell, of Gerrards Cross, Bucks, was found guilty of one count of rape and one count of administering a substance with intent to overpower or allow sexual activity.

"Because she was not used to the drug it made her violently sick. "If she had her ability to consent to sex taken away from her by the drug then having sex in these circumstances is rape." • British rape laws need urgent reform to prevent injustice Campbell - a frequent user of cannabis who also took cocaine when away on golf holidays with friends - had insisted that the woman had instigated the sex they went on to have.

Neeson sparked rumours he had started a new romance when he was spotted holding hands with British businesswoman Freya St Johnston last month (Sep10).

But new reports have emerged suggesting he has begun dating Leslie Slater, who he met on a flight to Paris, France six weeks ago.

When interviewed by police she confessed to having large periods where she could not account for what had happened to her, before she remembered some of the events in a series of flashbacks.

The pair had been involved in a healthy consensual sexual relationship for some six months before the attack after they met on an exclusive online dating site.

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