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Villiers engine only ID is see is 291 on rear casing, seperate gearbox and cut frame still attached. Manchester UK Wed Aug 16 2006 a.hollenbach at Villiers Mk VI A 250ccm Monet & Goyon I am searching clamps to fix the cover over light- sparking - machine (cover over flywheel magneto) .........

the Monet & Goyon MG 25 is build on 1933, praps a simple and cheap motorcaycle. The construction will be from the middle of the 20swith a fixed head.

Can you supply engine and frame numbers, and anything stamped or cast into various components including the crankcase?

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Monet Goyon I rescued this unknown from the scrapheap in France.It was sold to me as a 1921, but it appears to be much earlier, perhaps in the teens, but maybe these bikes were just very primitive designs.Boston, MA, USA Tue Jun 14 2011 info at Villiers engine Monet&Goyon Automouche Info on the Villiers engine and the story of can be found on The frame number should be on the rear bracket which holds the engine.Monet & Goyon Engines include: Tue, kevin.handley at uk Monet goyen 90cc 1935Hello Would you have or know the whereabouts of a workshop manual for the above motor cycle Regards Kevin Kevin handley Cambridge United Kingdom Thu, berryman.jake01 at Monet Goyon S3g 1930?Hi, I have just bought a Monet Goyon S3g from Ebay & I trying to identify the engine, so that I can get a few parts.

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