A visual language for querying and updating graphs

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That information can then become part of the Azure Search index.Cognitive Search also integrates with Natural Language Processing capabilities and includes built-in enrichers called cognitive skills.At the Microsoft Build event this week, the major announcements in the data platform space were: Multi-master at global scale with Azure Cosmos DB.Perform writes on containers of data (for example, collections, graphs, tables) distributed anywhere in the world.That data is then used in Power BI to create the reports and dashboards (business users can build the models in Power BI and the data can be refreshed multiple times during the day via the new incremental refresh).This is all done with Platform-as-a-Service products so there is nothing to setup and install and no VMs – just quickly and easily doing all the work via the Azure portal.This should not be viewed as a replacement for a data warehouse but rather as a way to quickly show a customer how to get value out of their data or if you need a one-time report or if you just want to see if certain data would be useful to move into your data warehouse.

More info Azure Cosmos DB Provision throughput at the database level in preview.Built-in skills help to perform a variety of enrichment tasks, such as the extraction of entities from text or image analysis and OCR capabilities.Cognitive Search is also extensible and can connect to your own custom-built skills.Azure Data Factory is then used to copy the point-of-sale transactions logs in Azure SQL Database into Azure Data Lake Store.Then Azure Data Lake Analytics with U-SQL is used to transform/clean the data and store it back into Azure Data Lake Store.

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