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Space Panic, a 1980 arcade release by Universal, is sometimes credited as being the first platform game, though the distinction is contentious.While the player had the ability to fall, there was no ability to jump, swing, or bounce, so the game does not satisfy most modern definitions of the genre.

Other acrobatic maneuvers may factor into the gameplay as well, such as swinging from objects such as vines or grappling hooks, as in Ristar or Bionic Commando, or bouncing from springboards or trampolines, as in Alpha Waves.Donkey Kong had a limited amount of platforming in its first two screens, but its last two screens had a more pronounced platform jumping component.This game also introduced Mario, a modern icon of the genre, under the name Jumpman.Wanted: Monty Mole won the first ever award for Best Platform game in 1984.The term platform game is somewhat ambiguous, particularly when referring to games that predate the widespread, international use of the term.

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