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To my nose this is the SEXIEST thing I have ever, ever smelled. It's safe, innofensive, kinda sexy..I mention safe? I wish it was stronger, or sweeter, or had more vanilla, or SOMETHING, but it's just so...unremarkable?

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Hope this helps and good luck ladies :) Mine’s the Rose flanker (purchased from macys.com), and it’s starting to turn after being on my dresser for 6 months. The liquid is becoming orange and the delicate floral notes are gone - all I smell is rotten fruit.With modern bottles, I don't think that technique can be done easily.Those units are tightly sealed on top of any bottle these days, and are impossible to be installed back after being removed by force for the cleaning.Despite my current dislike for this, I have to admit it is a well formulated perfume. Oh well more cash for me to spend on other fragrance gems !It's definitely worth trying for fans of typical gourmand and fruitchouli perfumes. The advantage of that is that it can be a rather safe choice if you know you like similar perfumes. whether on a paper tester or on my skin it smells too parfumery even after it dried down... :) First smelled this in 2013 and it had quite the impact on me. But I don't LOVE it, and therefore never really reach for it.

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